About us

Mariajose Alvarado is a registered dietitian/ licensed nutritionist/ certified personal trainer. Mariajose has a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics from Florida International University where she studied and graduated in 2015. Previously, Mariajose studied and has an associate in arts in exercise science from Miami Dade College in where she graduated from the Honors College in 2009. 


Mariajose obtained her certification as a personal trainer in 2013 from the National Council of Strength and Fitness. Mariajose has a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals. She has competed in national bodybuilding competitions in where she has placed second place in her category. She enjoys eating balanced, exercising and just overall good health. 


Let a professional guide you in your health and fitness journey. Mariajose offers nutritional counseling services, online training, natural supplements, activewear, e-books, online programs and more to help others feel and look healthy. You won't regret working with somebody who really cares. Questions or concers, feel free to e-mail inshapewithmache@gmail.com